I Drank Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day for a Week, and This Is What Happened

I was super excited for my first day. Maybe a little too excited to be drinking a smelly vinegar before breakfast. Originally, I read to start off small so I planned on doing only 1 tablespoon of ACV on my first day. I accidentally misread my measurement and put in only half a tablespoon on the first day. So it’s safe to say I had it easy my first day.

Another rookie mistake I made was having breakfast right after – nothing like a bowl of oats and almond milk to go with your acidic shot. After that, I went to the gym where I had probably the worst migraine ever (no, literally). Full disclosure – I admit I burped more than I ever would have in public. After I got that out of my system, I actually had a killer leg session.

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