Is Google The New Government?

One criticism of Silicon Valley is that it no longer operates on large, world changing tips. Every couple of months, a dumb startup will make the the headlines,€” most recently the one marketing a $700 juicer,€” and and people outside the tech market will start singing I-told-you-sos.

But don’€™t be fooled by costly juice. The thought that Silicon Valley no longer funds large issues isn’€™t just incorrect, but in addition obtuse and pretty hazardous. Look in the vehicles, the rockets, the web-beaming balloons and gliders, the voice assistants, drones, augmented and virtual-reality products, and every permutation of artificial-intelligence you’€™ve actually undergone in sci-fi. Technology businesses aren’€™t just funding large issues,€” they’re funding the largest, most world changing issues. They have been spending years from now, on suggestions that, as having altered lifestyle for a lot of the world, we might come to see.


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